moolamp • one lamp many styles

moolamp is an aspiring company and one of the most creative producers in the lighting scene. The breakthrough came at the IMM 2014 in Cologne (Germany), the company presented itself for the first time internationally.

The natural and organic forms of the moolamps arise by assembling individual parts made of high quality polypropylene. This sensational, flexible material produces a compelling, very pleasant diffuse light source by the composition of the elements and the corresponding illumination.

moolamps can be used for indoor and as well for outdoor areas. The product range of the company moolamp includes a large number of shapes and sizes that are customized for the client by hand to ensure best quality.

Architects, designers and the classic furniture trade cooperates with moolamp. Currently moolamp realize a project in a penthouse on island Sylt, there the bigbubblemoo will be placed very impressive.

moolamp is particularly proud of that the first exclusive dealer in St. Petersburg (Russia) is established. moolamp lights are based on the traditional origami technique. The individual, same elements are fixed without the use of compounds and the result is a closed clear shape of one single material.

The name moolamp is a semi acronym and emerged from the conceptual metamorphosis (change). Because all moldings are identical in shape and only the size of the elements is different, diverse forms of lights are characterized emerged with their specific model names such as bubblemoo (bubble).

Currently the managing director Uwe Berger & Sabine Jacobi develop high-gloss materials, which turned the lamps into a new optical nature.